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Semi permanent eyebrows is the best way to wake up with beautiful brows everyday!

The process only takes around 2.5 hours and can last upto 1-3  years.

The Benefits of semi permanent eyebrow tattoos:

  • Look good 24/7 and wake up with eyebrows

  • They are WATERPROOF & SWEATPROOF ( you can go swimming and workout without any worry)

  • Convenience - simplify  your morning routine, wake up and go!

  • Replace hair loss due to alopecia, vitiligo, chemotherapy, thyroid disease, age related eyebrow loss

  • Natural looking results!

TOUCH-UP CLIENTS (For Existing Clients ONLY)

We offer touch-up to our existing clients only, if you have had work done elsewhere, it will be consider a new set of brows.


Touch up for all service types, from your most recent appointment date.


First touch-up within 2 months Included
Second additional touch-up $150

6 months Touch up $250 / 9 months Touch up $300 / 12 month Touch up $350 / 18 months Touch up $400 / 24 months Touch up $450



This technique is a combo of both Microblading + Microshading techniques. Creating full and fluffy looking brows.

Microblading is used to achieve hairlike strokes and Microshading is added to created brow density and definition.

For someone with very sparse eyebrows, the shading can help add fullness and the hair strokes can keep it looking natural.

Price: $625 (First Touch Up within 2 Months Included)


Ombre powder brows is a form of semi permanent eyebrow technique, that have a more "filled-in" look, with a faded front. The healed results appear like softly shaded pencil / powder like look, and looks very natural.

You can personalized the saturation of your brows, meaning you can choose how light / dark you want your brows to be.

This technique is suitable for all skin type, including sensitive and oily skin.

Price: $625 (First Touch Up within 2 Months Included)


Do you have an old set of brows that you would like to cover up? We can help. Brow cover-up / Colour / Shape correction is an advance skill and is performed by an experienced artist.

We can performed colour correction on brows that has turned blue / red / purple.

Before booking an appointment online, please send us a clear photo of your brows  to / you may also send us a quick DM on instagram. Not all brows can be worked on.

Price: $625 (First Touch Up within 2 Months Included)

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