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Men brows


Is Microblading for men? YES

The truth is, eyebrows is important for both men and women. Men brow microblading, has became an increasingly popular service among men due to it's natural looking results.

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo that uses a micro blade, to mimic the appearance of natural looking eyebrow hair. The artificial hairs created, will blend seamlessly with your own natural hair, making it hard to the differentiate between the two.

Microblading can also benefit those who suffered from hair loss, due to age, illness, or a condition call alopecia. This service will definitely help boost your confidence.

There is no difference between microblading men eyebrows and women, it's a gender neutral procedure. The only difference, is the eyebrow shape for a man is customized to fit their male facial features. Brow mapping is also completed to ensure both brows are balanced and symmetrical.

Give this service a try, it's an investment that lets you wake up with perfectly shaped brows.

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