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Private Training 





Private 1 on 1 and semi-private training available at our studio, Let us lead you to the most rewarding career, with our private training course taught by 2 certified instructors. You will be provided with detailed and personal attention along with on-going support after you graduate.

The private training provides the technique of choice for training per session.​

We offer private training for complete beginners or for anyone who wants to continue to learn a new techniques and perfect their craft. You will be taught all of the safest practices and the most cutting edge up to date brows techniques in the industry, along with our very own tricks and tips not found anywhere else!



Marketing and how to startup (business aspects of the industry)

We will also provide you with important information on how to start-up and how to do marketing with important tips & tricks.

  • Marketing, how to build your own brand and gain exposure

  • Proper lighting and angles, how to properly take before/after photos and short videos

  • Insurance regulations in Ontario

  • How to prepare for health & safety inspection

  • How to obtain a license and to start your own business



  • intimate class setting

  • One-on-one coaching

  • Practical application (practice on model)

  • Taught by 2 licensed industry experts

  • Full tool kit included

  • Lunch included

  • manual




Please contact us to plan out a private course to suit your needs.

*Includes Certification

*Course kit


If you perform one procedure a day:

Your potential income (Industry average pricing)


/ Customer


Income / Week


Annual Income


Work anywhere, anytime, and be your own boss! No experience required.
Two clients a day, and these numbers will double!



At Facenvie Beauty Studio, we use only the highest quality professional microshading products that we’ve specially tested, selected and use on our clients. Included in the tuition is a full Facenvie Beauty Studio Microshading Kit. The kit includes all the tools you will need to start your own business.

  • Signature Carrying bag (microshading machine is included for ombre private class)

  • Handbook

  • 3 x Industry Approved High quality pigments

  • 30 x Blade/Needles (varies types)

  • 1 x microblading pen

  • 1 x Wax Pencil

  • 20 x Ink Rings

  • 1 x Practice Skins

  • 1 pack x Micro cotton sticks

  • 10 x Eyebrow razors 

  • 1 x Caliper

  • 1 x Dr. Numb or Zensa Numbing cream (pre-numb)

  • 1 x Tag45 (or similar, during procedure numbing cream)

Training is hands-on in on our studio, where we work on actual clients everyday, so each student gains the technical skills and confidence needed to start working directly after graduation.



Private & Semi-Private course plans depends on each individual needs, please contact us for more info.

Lessons include:

  • Introduction to microblading/microshading

  • Skin types

  • Eyebrow Design

  • Face shapes

  • Eyebrow Mapping

  • Color corrections

  • Colour theory

  • Techniques

  • Health & Safety

  • Supplies

  • Marketing

  • Supervised Practice

  • Lighting & Photography

  • The Procedure

  • Live Model Practice

  • Aftercare

  • Pricing Strategies

  • Building Your Business

  • Healing process

  • Touch-up

  • On-going support



By attending the course in-class training, students are able to practice on actual clients while having supervision by our certified Instructors. students can bring their own model or request us to source one. 



Our small class sizes ensures that all our students receive the most detailed attention and proper execution. We provide on-going support to our students, because we want you all to succeed, and you shouldn't have to do this alone. Our Studio offers bed rentals for students to work at our studio upon graduation and future apprenticeship opportunities to be apart of our team.

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